Electronics Development

Professional development and production of electronics for your business or startup company.


Design circuit of the device

If there is a technical problem, any solution starts with the design circuit of the device. We use in design of circuit modern solutions and accessible element base, use of which allows you to create reliable devices with high integration. This significantly reduces the number of components improves reliability and reduces the cost of the final product.

PCB Design

PCB design is performed in accordance with 3, 4 or 5 class accuracy. Use of the modern CAD system allows a short time to perform Routing eliminates the possibility of errors: DRC, Checking the integrity of networks, control impedance. In the design, we strive to provide minimal impact circuit blocks on top of each other, which increases the reliability of the device.


Build a working model of the device

Smooth interaction with PCB manufacturers, suppliers of components allows a short time to procure the required list of components to assemble, test, and debug the model of the device. If you necessary for mass production of the device interacts with the company to perform a complete cycle of the assembly unit in Russia and anouther countries.

Programming microcontrollers

The heart of  the any device which is a microcontroller without it software, firmware, a lifeless set of elements. Programming microcontrollers implemented as a low-level language, and at the higher level languages such as С/С++/C#.


Testing devices

If you are faced with constant failures in the performance of your device and your engineers can not understand what the problem is, you need a third-party audit and testing of your device. To solve your problems using an integrated approach as validation and testing circuitry and software.

How we work


Customer Testimonials

Our developers have been busy over your head, but hung project. I made a decision and gave it to outsourcing and has not lost. Excellent! All work was done efficiently and on time.
Sergey, CEO «ГТС-БИТ»
I had an idea, which required the development of the device. In electronics, I’m a complete zero. 3 months was made layout and firmware is written. I wasted no time and was looking for customers, and now only make sales.

Order the full development cycle of an electronic device, it pays!